WhatsApp Channels—a social media-style update feed that is eliciting mixed reactions from its users.

WhatsApp is working to enhance user experience with a much-anticipated feature: the ability to change WhatsApp chat bubble colors. The new addition aims to offer users more customization options, keeping pace with competitors like Telegram.

WhatsApp Chat Bubble Colors: A New Customization Era

WhatsApp has traditionally lagged behind in offering customizable features compared to its rivals. However, this is set to change as the messaging giant tests new options for chat bubble colors. The feature, currently available in the latest beta version, allows users to choose from a range of color themes for their chat bubbles, moving beyond the standard green and white.

According to WABetaInfo, which first reported the update, users will be able to select from an array of colors including blue, black, white, magenta, and purple for outgoing messages. This change will also affect background colors, creating a more personalized and visually appealing chat interface. The addition of customizable chat bubbles is a shift in WhatsApp’s approach to user personalization, potentially drawing more users who seek greater aesthetic control over their messaging apps.

Enhanced Media Replies for Easy Interaction

In addition to the new chat bubble colors, WhatsApp is also revamping its media reply functionality. The latest beta version showcases a redesigned interface that simplifies the process of replying to images and videos. The update introduces clearly visible buttons at the bottom of the screen, allowing users to type a reply or react with an emoji more easily.

Previously, replying to media required users to type responses without the aid of a dedicated reply button. The new design simplify this process, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.

Both the customizable chat bubble colors and the enhanced media replies are currently in beta testing, with no confirmed launch date for the wider public release. However, given the positive reception in the beta community, it is expected that these features will be rolled out soon to all users, marking a new update in WhatsApp’s feature set.

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