WhatsApp privacy policy has been updated recently. The team also clarified that the collection and usage of the data only take place when the user contacts a business account. But, the largest social platform failed to inform its users as to how they imply the process. Also, how the changes would affect Facebook data sharing.

This skeptical analysis flamed millions of users on social media. So, they decided to shift to an alternative platform that respects their privacy concerns. Telegram observed the highest traffic shift since WhatsApp announced its policies.

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Many major governing bodies of many countries including India are asking WhatsApp to revert its latest policies. According to the current statistics, 45% percent of Indians are using WhatsApp globally. WhatsApp also published many advertisements in prominent Indian newspapers to suppress the rumors and doubts.

However, they failed to spread awareness through the campaign as well. Ravi Shankar Prasad, Indian federal minister of Information Technology had taken charge of Twitter. He tweeted to respond on this matter. He opposed the privacy policies by remarking that the Indian government has given freedom of business to everyone, either WhatsApp, Facebook, or any other social platform. However, we will not accept doing it in a manner that will have an impact on the user’s rights in India.

Letter To Whatsapp Head, Will Cathcart

Not only that but the IT minister has also written a letter to the head of WhatsApp, Will Cathcart. In the letter, he highlighted that these changes can emerge grave concerns of decisions and autonomy of our citizens. Adding that WhatsApp is differentiating the Indian users, compared to the one using WhatsApp in European countries.

Earlier this month, the issue emerged after the users received a notification by the application for agreeing to their latest terms & condition and privacy policies. The notification wrote that the policy has to comply by Feb 8th, otherwise, the users can’t continue with WhatsApp’s messaging services. The term later postponed the date, when users started showing their concerns. The new date announced to enforce the policy will be May 15th, 2021.

Image source: Social Samosa


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