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US-based international, Turing is now planning to tap into the South Asian market for software engineers and provide remote job opportunities for the region’s developers. The company connects software developers from around the world with high-quality, full-time remote jobs in the US, it is launching in Pakistan to support engineers in fast-tracking their careers and landing remote job opportunities.


Turing Employs Offers Remote Job Opportunities to Software Engineers Around the World


Employing the work-from-anywhere model, Turing is an AI-supported intelligent talent cloud that intends to navigate employers and developers through the remote-first world by helping companies source the best, pre-vetted remote engineering resources signed up on Turing’s platform. Since its inauguration in 2018, Turing has already connected thousands of software engineers with more than 300 top US firms including Johnson & Johnson, Dell, Disney, Coinbase, Rivian, Plume, and VillageMD. 


Furthermore, Turing has also launched a global career-centric community that is free and open to all developers worldwide to help them with preparations for remote job opportunities, upskilling and reskilling, English communication and personal development, and mentoring. The community has a variety of sub-chapters including Asia Pacific (APAC), Europe Middle-East & Africa (EMEA), Latin American (LATAM), and Women in Tech, and organizes special programs and social events regularly to guide and support community members in their careers.


Developers Can Work with Top Firms in the US for a Rewarding Career


“Pakistan produces some of the finest engineering talents in the world who have the potential to bring significant value to the tech industry with their unmatched aptitude. We are, therefore, very excited to be able to connect such talent with top firms in the US for a rewarding career through Turing’s Intelligent Talent Cloud,” said Jonathan Siddharth, CEO, and Co-founder of Turing, while commenting on its launch in Pakistan. 


In addition to this, currently, Turing has more than 1.5 million developers listed on the platform from 150 countries who are working on remote job opportunities, managed by its intelligent talent cloud, enabling companies to easily hire the best-available software talent from around the world within 3-5 days.


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