The whistleblower behind Uber Files, Mark McGann, has revealed that the ride-hailing company’s business model is absolutely unsustainable. Mark identifies himself as the source who leaked the more than 124,000 company files, and he is now talking about Uber’s business model, which, according to him, is questionable. During the Web Summit in Europe, he said in a message to Uber; “You’ve done well, (but) you can do it so much better (because) the existing model is clearly not sustainable.’”

The Flaws in Uber’s Business model

Uber has recently said that the core of its business model is independent contractors; since everybody wants to be self-employed, everybody wants flexibility. However, Mark contradicted the statement saying that Uber drivers are suing the company in various countries to have a bare minimum of social protection such as sick pay. He said, “Uber is pumping tens of millions of dollars in Europe, United States, other parts of the world fighting legislation.”

McGann said that he has decided to speak up because the ride-hailing company has knowingly flouted laws and misled people about the benefits to drivers of the company’s gig-economy model. He said that Uber’s current CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, and his executive team had done many good things, but they have so far to go.

The Uber Files

The Uber Files is a four-month-long investigation based on more than 124,000 confidential documents from the ride-hailing company that was leaked to a British newspaper. The documents contain sensitive emails, iMessage, and WhatsApp conversations between top Uber executives and other world leaders. The data shows that the company bypassed the law, misled police, exploited violence against drivers, and secretly lobbied governments around the world. Uber Files also claimed that the company saved millions of dollars in taxes.

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