Spaces Recording Option

Popular microblogging platform, Twitter is now allowing hosts of its audio chatroom Spaces to record and share the chats with others. Twitter Spaces Recording Option will initially be available to a limited number of Twitter Spaces Hosts on iOS (and all listeners on iOS and Android), and within a few weeks will be expanded to everyone else. The latest functionality further means that anyone late to a Twitter Spaces broadcast will now be able to replay the show once it’s ended if a host has enabled Spaces Recording Option.


Spaces Recording Option Allows Users to Replay and Tweet Spaces 


To create a Spaces recording, the hosts will need to toggle on ‘Record Space’ before launching a new Space. All participants will see a recording icon appear when they enter the Space showing that the Space is being recorded. Once the Space finishes, Hosts will have access to the full-length recording for 30 days after the original broadcast, during which they can share it or tweet it using the latest Spaces Recording Option.



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Moreover, listeners will also have the ability to playback any recorded Space directly from their timeline, as well as share recorded Spaces across their networks. Along with this, Hosts can delete a Spaces recording at any time however, Twitter will still retain a data file of it for 30-120 days to check for any abusive/hateful content.


The Hosts Will Have the Access to the Recordings for 30 Days


Furthermore, using the Spaces Recording Option the listeners can simply click the ‘Play Recording’ button on any Spaces Card in the timeline to playback recorded Spaces. Participants will be acquainted with a new icon that a recording is taking place when they join a live Twitter Spaces broadcast. Hosts will then have access to recordings for 30 days after the show for sharing purposes, or they can choose to delete a Spaces recording at any time. Twitter states that it will keep recordings up to 120 days to check for any abusive or hateful content.


Source: TechCrunch


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