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Popular microblogging platform, Twitter has acknowledged its video upload issues and the associated processing on Android, and the company is now working to fix it. It’s a usual fact for Twitter users on Android to be often left behind when it comes to platform updates and app features. The iOS app often gets new features and functions months ahead of the Android version and often with fewer issues to boot.

Twitter’s Android Users Are Tangled Up in Video Upload Issues 

The official Twitter Engineering account has stated that many Android users have video upload issues, particularly with slow uploads, long processing, and more. Moreover, it has been confirmed that a fix is coming for 720p resolution video processing for devices running Android 9 Pie and newer.

Furthermore, processing of 720p video with bitrates at 3.5Mbps and lower should now be much quicker as this first fix launches. The company has not yet provided any details about the improved codec support but the platform is working to improve the entire video upload experience on Twitter for Android users. If users upload content to the social media platform on a regular basis, they should see instant improvements with 720p video processing.

Twitter is Also Working on a Privacy-Focused Version of its Website

In addition to this, social media giant, Twitter is also launching a privacy-focused version of its website through the Tor onion service for providing a more secure tweeting experience for the users. This latest development was spotted recently by software engineer Alec Muffett who described the new security enhancement as “possibly the most important and long-awaited tweet that I’ve ever composed.” The new Twitter service is a free open-source software used for anonymous browsing. Its services are private, normally not indexed by search engines, and they use self-certified domain names that are long and difficult to read.

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Source: Android Police 


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