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Popular microblogging platform, Twitter announced that its acquiring Threader app, a tweet threads compiler that allows people to compile long tweet threads and share their favorites, making it simpler to help people find long threads on the platform. When people reply to a thread, tag Threader’s profile, and write the term “compile,” the Threader bot generates a link that displays the thread in an easier-to-read, article-like format.


Tweet Threads Compiler Threader Presents Long Tweets in an Easier-to-Read Format


“We noticed the kind of amazing content shared by people on Twitter who worked around the 280-character limit to express longer thoughts, but they were hard to find and even more difficult to read. We felt a desire to highlight these great stories and knowledge shared on the platform,” Threader wrote in a blog post.


Furthermore, just last week, Twitter’s paid subscription feature, Twitter Blue rolled out in the U.S. and New Zealand, offering features that improve the platform’s user experience. One of these products is a Reader mode, which operates similarly to the tweet threads compiler, Threader app, displaying a thread in a more unencumbered form. Twitter stated that Threader co-founder Marie Denis assisted build the Reader feature, though Twitter did not integrate any of the actual Threader products into its own tech stack.


To Use Threader App Users are Required to Join Twitter Blue


The conditions of the acquisition of tweet threads compiler, Threader app, are not disclosed, but Denis will join Twitter’s Longform team, working on innovations like Reader and other similar products. The tweet threads compiler, Threader app will shut down in 30 days as part of the purchase, so if supporters of the app are required to maintain the Threader reading experience, they’ll have to join Twitter Blue for $2.99 per month.


This is just one of the numerous acquisitions that Twitter has made recently — its most major ones were Revue, a newsletter platform, and Breaker, which placed the foundation for Twitter Spaces. Just last month, Twitter acquired Sphere, a group chat app.


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