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Twitter has acquired the London-based chat app Sphere. The acquisition of Sphere is the latest move by Twitter to expand its product offerings to users. As per reports, the microblogging platform, Twitter could use the acquisition of Sphere to improve its personal and group messaging capabilities.

Sphere Admires Twitter’s Focus on Developing Community-Building

“Much like others, we’ve been watching and admiring Twitter’s growing investment in community-building with the release of Communities, Spaces, and features that promote safety,” said London-based chat app, Sphere in a blog post. “When we met the team, we were even more impressed by how seriously they are pursuing interest-based community and how much they believe in its potential impact.”

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The development of Twitter acquiring London-based chat app, Sphere will further see about 20 people from the Sphere team join Twitter. The number of users Sphere had garnered wasn’t unveiled but the standalone app is expected to be brought to an end soon.

“It’s been a long and exciting journey to this point. Like many startups, Sphere started with a very different mission — to help anyone find and share knowledge instantly through the creation of a ‘global brain.’ We originally built a marketplace of paid experts from all around the world, connecting them through group chat,” the London-based chat app said in the blog post.

Twitter Acquiring Sphere is Huge for the London-Based Chat App

The startup further stated that what they realized is that some of the most helpful and informed discussions came from groups where members considered a strong sense of belonging to one another. In other words, at the heart of our challenge was improving every single person to find their community. The opportunity of Twitter acquiring Sphere is huge for the startup.

The London-based chat app was established by Tomas Halgas and Nick D’Aloisio, Sphere had reportedly raised at least $30 million. D’Aloisio also previously created the news summary app Summly, which the founder sold to Yahoo at the age of 17 for $30 million.

Source: TechCrunch


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