The famous short-video streaming app, TikTok is once again making headlines in Pakistan. This time the controversy is based on TikTok celebrating Pride Month, and Pakistanis are enraged, urging the government to once again ban the application.

Taking it to Twitter, TikTok itself tweeted a video and said “we pledge to celebrate diverse voices, commit to change through education, and honor the work of this inspiring community”. At the end of the tweet, they used the flag symbol of LGBTQ to promote the cause. 

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During the month of June, members of the LGBTQ+ community and its supporters from all over the world come together to recognize and celebrate Pride Month. The objective of this month is to commemorate and highlight the impression made by the LGBTQ+ community on a local, national, and international level.

Furthermore, the platform will be celebrating its LGBTQ+ community with a range of Pride-themed initiatives and tools that help showcase its creators and let all users express themselves and be their authentic selves.

To oppose this idea, Pakistanis have created a hashtag, ‘#TikTokSpreadsVulgarity‘, which is presently trending in Pakistan. As thousands of Pakistanis are voicing their opinions against TikTok’s support for the LGBTQ+ community.

“Tiktok promotes vulgarity. It has no check and balance of what kind of content is being promoted through this platform. Government should take serious action.”

“TikTok and many other apps like this are violating all rules and regulations. We demand a permanent ban on this application. 

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“TikTok is sponsoring LGBT content in Pakistan which is against the law of Pakistan and Islam. TikTok has been spreading vulgarity from the start but now the platform is promoting homosexuality, this needs to stop now!!”

People from all over Pakistan are demanding a permanent ban on TikTok from the government, however, there is no response from Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA).



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