To create safer community guidelines, TikTok announced an increase in the age requirement for hosting TikTok live streams

Tiktok is testing a new ‘Nearby Feed’ that will display the local content to the users. The company’s spokesperson confirmed to the media that the feature is currently under testing in South Eastern regions and people who are a part of this test will see a new nearby feed tab displayed alongside the “Following” and “For You” feeds.

Nearby Feed to Display Personalized and Relevant Content

The nearby feed was first reported by Matt Navarra who said; “It is in conjunction with a new option giving creators the ability to add a location tag to videos. TikTok is playing catch-up with Snapchat’s Snap map and Instagram’s recently launched searchable photo map features.” As per details, the new feed is expected to display even more personalized and relevant content to its users.

According to Tech Crunch, TikTok’s Nearby feed would offer a similar experience as the app’s already-successful recommendation algorithm. For example, if your For You page often displays restaurant recommendations or must-see hiking spots, the Nearby feed should show you videos of restaurants and hiking trails that are near you. According to TikTok’s spokesperson; “We’re always thinking about new ways to bring value to our community and enrich the TikTok experience.”

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New Opportunities for Local Brands

The new feed will open broad opportunities for local advertisers as they can directly market their product to the local consumers which are also their targeted audience. Although, TikTok already runs ads in between the feeds a more personalized experience is expected to shoot the sales of small and medium-sized enterprises. Moreover, TikTok is also testing a “Shop” feed that will let users browse and purchase products from a number of different categories, such as; electronics and baby food.


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