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The popular Chinese short video platform, TikTok has been announced as the most popular domain in late 2021, dethroning Google, according to the data issued by Cloudflare, a web security and performance company. These two platforms were followed by domain names of tech giants Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Google Had the Title of Most Popular Domain in 2020

Furthermore, claimed the title of the most popular domain of the year in 2020, with ranking at No. 7. But things took a turn this year as TikTok rose to the top spot, knocking Google into second place. This comes as the ByteDance-owned social video platform has exploded in popularity during the pandemic, striking 1 billion monthly active users in September. As people spent more time at home to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, many shifted to TikTok for entertainment and reprieve.

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Google and TikTok Were Toe to Toe to Claim the of Title this Year 

TikTok landed the top spot for a few days spread between February, March, and May of this year, but after Aug. 10, it “took the lead on most days,” CloudFlare said in a blog post. “There were some days when Google was #1, but October and November were mostly TikTok’s days, including on Thanksgiving (November 25) and Black Friday (November 26),” the post says about TikTok being the most popular domain.

Here’s the full list of this year’s top 10 most popular domains:


The list of is emanated from Cloudflare’s public DNS resolver, “so it’s not related to the number of unique users or visitors it gets per month,” according to the web security company.

Source: CNET


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