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Previously Google had released a new feature of Tab Groups for Chrome, last August in 2020. Which proved to be easier for the people to maintain and organize tabs of different content and discover exactly what the users were searching for in the first place. However, initially, the feature was only accessible in the desktop versions of Chrome but now Google is rolling out this feature on Android too.

This version of Tab Groups consists of well-ordered and color-coded labeling for all the tabs a user requires. The users can access this very feature by opening a few web pages and grouping the tabs. Next pressing right-clicks on tabs and selecting “Add to New Group” from the context menu.

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Tab Groups in Google can help a user to place a number of tabs altogether in a group that can be categorized with names and different colors. It is a proven way for a successful outcome, if the material is organized, then the task can be completed easily and within less time.

As per the latest details, the new layout of Tab Group is formed into a vertical arrangement of a list of cards on the screen with smaller tabs. The Android users can simply drag and drop one tab on another to form groups.

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Moreover, if you plan to use Google Chrome on Windows or Mac, then it is advised to update to the newer version of 85.0.4183.102, as this update will allow you to access the tab group right away.

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