Facebook-owned famous messaging app; WhatsApp has announced another development. The app for the previous weeks has been battling backlash and losing users due to the new privacy policy the company had announced. This feature of the app contains another layer of security added to your account. This feature will require biometric authorization when a user signs in to a web or desktop portal. The new development has been implemented for both Android and iOS users.

The company stated that from today, the feature will allow the users to add in a fingerprint, face, or iris scan to use WhatsApp through the means of a desktop or web by connecting it to the user’s mobile app, to be used alongside the existing QR code authentication. This action will ultimately strengthen the security concerns.

However, the QR code verification has not been nullified, this measure of biometric is a second step security verification if required by the users, in case if the device of a user is not compatible with the new update.

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WhatsApp has also mentioned that it will be bringing on more new features this year. As the company feels there are still few gaps, for instance, a user can’t make a call using a desktop version which the company plans to bring onboard very soon.

In the desktop version, the users can expect the feature of voice or video call, however, this feature is still in the beta phase. Therefore, it might take a while before the feature officially rolls out.

Due to the recent events regarding the privacy policy, WhatsApp has clearly stated that the company cannot access any of the biometric information that a user shares with the application and that WhatsApp is applying similar APIs other secure apps use such as banking apps.

Source: TechCrunch



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