Kanwal Ahmed became the first Pakistani creator to be interviewed by YouTube's CEO.

In an exclusive International Women’s Day interview, CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, spoke with Kanwal Ahmed, who is a is renowned Pakistan entrepreneur, motivator, activist, executive producer and founder of the Facebook group Soul Sisters Pakistan. The founder of the women-oriented group became the first Pakistani creator to be interviewed by YouTube’s CEO.

Kanwal Ahmed created a safe space for women to connect

Susan Wojcicki tweeted regarding the interview; “On #InternationalWomensDay we’re highlighting @kanwalful on the @YouTube blog. Inspiring to talk with Kanwal about the amazing work she’s doing on her channel as she creates a safe space for women to connect.” Kanwal also host a program on YouTube namely; “Conversations with Kanwal” that highlights the difficulties and challenges faced by the women of Pakistan

On her process of picking topics for her talk show, Kanwal shared, “I try to fit in as many things that are underrepresented or ignored. Issues that are real but often deflected. And the purpose isn’t just to start the conversation but to make people acknowledge that this exists. To make them aware. To inspire them and to remind them that they aren’t alone. That there are people out there who share their stories.”

Utilizing the power of the internet

The 32-year-old content creator talked about bringing change in society by using internet power. She said; “My own experiences, growing up and internalizing the struggles of women around me inspired me to create spaces that can catalyze change. In this day and age, any of us with access to the internet has the power to use our platforms for a purpose and championing the stories of women became mine.” 

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Source: Express Tribune


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