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For the past year, Slack is planning about adding innovative features to the existing ones. Slack is considered a huge platform when it comes to integrating multiple services but the platform revolves around text-based features only.

Recently, Slack has added few features that are interactive for its users. To make people comfortable in the hybrid world of the working platform is thinking to bring in some new features to make users communicate with each other frequently. This step is taken to keep the Pandemic situation under consideration. News is popping around that businesses will stick to the virtual environment even after the pandemic.

Slack is planning on adding a video feature for Starters, but unlike going in the direction similar to Zoom and Microsoft Teams it is planning to make it more like Instagram stories.

If a person intends to announce something he/she can make a video announcement instead of dispatching emails.

Blog written by Slack chief product officer Tamar Yehoshua tells us that it is going to be an asynchronous approach, rather than a meeting kind of experience.

“To help with this, we are piloting ways to shift meetings toward an asynchronous video experience that feels native in Slack. It allows us to express nuance and enthusiasm without a meeting,” she wrote.

Well, this is not it the platform has also decided to turn chats totally into voice notes.

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“Yeah, I’ve always believed the ‘good artists copy, great artists steal’ thing, so we’re just building Clubhouse into Slack, essentially. Like that idea that you can drop in, the conversation’s happening whether you’re there or not, you can enter and leave when you want, as opposed to a call that starts and stops, is an amazing model for encouraging that spontaneity and that serendipity and conversations that only need to be three minutes, but the only option for you to schedule them is 30 minutes. So look out for Clubhouse built into Slack.” she added.

Butterfield also hinted that a new feature like asynchronous audio similar to voicemail could be part of future features too. A spokesperson confirmed the new feature coming in but did not share further details.

When we look at these features it makes us think about the $27 billion Salesforce acquisition of Slack at the end of last year. The set of features are already now it’s up to users what suits them the most.

The DM features Slack previously integrated and all new features can be very helpful when it comes to sales and marketing inside and outside the organization.

The company is working on audio and video features since the start of the present year but there is no particular time as to when the features will be released.


Source: Techcrunch

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