hours-long outage

On Monday, three major websites of the Sindh government suffered an hours-long outage, after developing a technical defect at the back end, making them unavailable for thousands of users seeking vital information concerning the Sindh Government.


Sindh Government’s Three Major Websites Remained Inaccessible 


Furthermore, despite repeated tries, these three major websites stayed unreachable: the Sindh government’s official web presence (sindh.gov.pk), the website of the Chief Minister House, or Secretariat (cm.sindh.gov.pk), and the newly rolled out official web presence of the information science & technology department (istd.sindh.gov.pk).


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When reached, CM’s Special Assistant on IT Tanzeela Umi Habiba revealed that the three major websites of the Sindh Government had suffered an hours-long outage. She said the problem was on the part of the National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC), because of which the websites had been rendered unavailable.


Tanzeela further stated that the NTC had notified them that the problem would be fixed shortly, with the websites becoming attainable again. She pointed out that the Sindh government had to depend upon the NTC for the availability of its three major websites due to their official nature, so no other approach could be utilized for the purpose.


The NTC Malfunction was the Cause of Hours-long Outage 


She explained that other than the NTC, there was no internal problem on the part of the Sindh government that directed the three major websites to suffer an hours-long outage. The websites were back online by 8:45 pm. The websites of the Sindh government had been observed to be unavailable a few weeks ago as well.


The CM’s assistant, however, explained that the problem was brief in nature, and had surfaced only on Monday, denying the presence of a frequent problem as regards the government websites’ availability. It remains unclear if the rain, which continued throughout the day, had any part to play in the websites of the Sindh government suffering an hours-long outage.


Source: Pro Pakistani


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