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Secure instant messaging app, Signal has rolled out a new in-app sustainer program that enables users to make donations within the app, as announced by the company. As a nonprofit, Signal does not receive monetary assistance from any sponsors or stockholders, as informed by the latest blog post informs. 


The New In-App Sustainer Program Will Allow Users to Make Donations in the App


Furthermore, using the latest in-app sustainer program, users can choose to make monthly donations, or one-off contributions within the app using Apple Pay or Google Pay, and their payment information won’t be associated with a user’s Signal account, as stated in the blog post. Moreover, the company will employ a similar anonymous credential system it employs for private Signal groups:


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Clients make payments and then associate a badge to their profile such that the server can attest the client is in the set of individuals who made a payment, however doesn’t know specifically which payment it corresponds to.


Signal Also Launched Some Consumer-Friendly Features 


In addition to the in-app sustainer program, earlier this year, Signal started adding some of the more consumer-friendly features that other messaging apps have had for a while, like stickers and wallpapers.


To make donations in Signal, users can make a choice from 3 different sustainer levels, at $5, $10, or $20, each with its own badge. Sustainer subscriptions of the in-app sustainer program can only renew if a customer uses Signal during the course of a month; if you uninstall or stop using the app, the payments will be canceled before the next cycle to “eliminate the ‘dark pattern’ of subscriptions you’ve overlooked regarding,” the company said. Signal intends to add support for additional payment methods in the future.


Source: The Verge 


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