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Bitcoin prices fell sharply overnight Saturday, falling to a low near $43,000. The world’s most famous digital currency pared losses afterward, last ever-changing support at around $47,915, according to Coin Metrics. From 24 hours spanning early Friday morning to early Saturday morning, Bitcoin prices went from about $57,000 to $47,000, losing $10,000, or over 17 percent.

The value of ether further plummeted to a low near $3,500 on Saturday. It came back somewhat afterward, trading near $3,870. Ether, the world’s second-largest digital coin by market price, lost more than 16 percent from Friday morning around 8 am ET through to Saturday 8 am ET.

Tech Spaces Owned Bitcoin and Ether Suffered the Most

Cryptocurrency started falling Friday as stocks force back and investors fled to the security of Treasuries, driving the 10-year yield lower. Risky tech stocks were amongst the largest sufferers on Wall Street on Friday, with Tesla dropping 6 percent. The ARK Innovation fund lost 5-hitter on Friday and 12-tone music on the week.

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As the thought soured in the tech area, those investors may have also started discharging their crypto. however, there was no clear cause for the cryptocurrency decline, particularly overnight Saturday when the losses accelerated.

“The proof points to this being one more derivative-induced selling event,” wrote J.C. Parets, chief market strategist for All-Star Charts technical research, in a note Saturday morning. “The September flash crash had the same drivers as this sales event — leverage was flushed from the system in a violent fashion, which later enabled the market to eventually move higher toward a new all-time high in Oct.”

In November Bitcoin Prices Hit a Seven-Week Low 

Both cryptocurrencies have experienced turbulent sales since the omicron Covid variant appeared, tracking international stock markets which have been also volatile. On Nov. 26, Bitcoin prices hit a seven-week low near to $54,000, officially entering the bear market territory.

Bitcoin prices are currently down about half-hour from an all-time high near to $69,000, which it hit in early November. Bear markets are generally outlined as a decline of 200th or more from recent highs.

Source: CNBC 


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