With the rapid progressions in technology, Pakistani women also are making their mark in the tech ecosystem, and one such woman is Sakina Abbas who has earned the honor to become Pakistan’s first female Google Developer Expert for Flutter and Dart.

The Google Developer Experts is a recognized program offered by Google which comprises a network of highly qualified technical experts, influencers, and knowledge leaders who resolutely support developers, corporations, and tech fellowships by addressing tech-savvy people at events, advertising content. Furthermore, these experts actively contribute to and support the developer and startup community around the world, assisting them to build and introduce profoundly innovative apps.

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In accordance with it, Flutter is an open-source UI SDK that was originated from Google. This software development kit enables users to develop applications on both iOS and Android and even develop web apps for all-inclusive platforms. Whilst, Dart is a simple-to-use programming language intended for application development. Due to its comprehension of the C language, Dart has accumulated itself as one of the most popular languages used to develop apps.

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Sakina has earned her bachelor’s degree from FAST University, she is very enthusiastic about technology and development which motivated her to inaugurate her own startup called ‘ReacTree’, which aims to help businesses upscale themselves by employing digital tools.

Sakina’s keen interest in Flutter and Dart led her to learn about technology and share her knowledge with people. Therefore, her dedication and commitment towards technology led her to achieve the Google Developer Expert title. In a recent post, she expressed gratitude, “Thank you to each and every one of you who has supported me all along. It’s the fact that you’re able to learn something from me and then apply it yourselves at the end of the day that motivates me to keep contributing to this community in every way I can.”

Source: TechJuice


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