An IT Recruiter at Lancesoft India, Sourabh Sharma, has termed Muslims terrorists and blood cancer. He was also heard spreading hate against Islam, and its teachings via a LinkedIn post. He wrote, “I openly say Muslims are terrorists and will always be.”

Sourabh Sharma – A Racist and Islamophobe

The news came to light when Masroor Jahangir, a former HR Associate at Amazon who is currently working as a Public Relations Officer, shared the post on LinkedIn, he said; “When did Lancesoft India start recruiting racists, fascists, and islamophobes?” He also tagged one of the directors of the firm and asked him to take action against the hate monger.

Mansoor said, “People like him(Sourabh Sharma) working at Lancesoft India is a big reason to worry about the country’s work environment.” It is still unclear what motivated Sourabh to pass such vile comments on a social media platform with strict rules against hate speech and Islamophobes. The Muslim community is facing an increase in online anti-Muslim abuse and there is an immediate need to address the issue.

Islamophobia – A Critical Analysis

Islamophobia has been fueled by public anxiety over immigration and the integration of Muslim minorities into majority cultures. It has also been aggravated by high-profile terrorist attacks carried out by extremists. Indian Muslims are one of the world’s largest Muslim populations but a minority in the predominantly Hindu country, who are constantly facing systematic discrimination, prejudice, and violence, despite constitutional protections. The hate against Muslims has escalated during Narendra Modi’s regime, which has pushed controversial policies that experts believe explicitly ignore Muslims’ rights and are intended to bring down millions of Muslims. Recently, BJP’s spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s derogatory remarks about the Prophet Muhammad circulated on social media prompting the Gulf states to ban all Indian products.

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