NEPRA held an open hearing on its draft amendment in the Distribution Generation and Net-metering regulation of 2015.

Consumers are set to experience a third consecutive month of relief in their electricity bills for May, with a proposed reduction of Rs4.12 per unit. The relief stems from a petition submitted to the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) advocating for a reduction in fuel cost adjustments, offering respite to households amid economic uncertainties.

Federal Minister for Energy Awais Ahmad Khan Leghari said; “The per unit price of electricity fell by Rs3.83 in the month of April. The overall reduction is due to the quarterly and fuel price adjustments in dollar terms.”

Relief in Electricity Bills for May

A petition has been forwarded to Nepra seeking to slash the fuel cost adjustment from Rs2.94 to Rs4.92 per unit for May, as compared to April’s rates. The initiative, backed by the Ministry of Power Division, aims to alleviate the financial burden on consumers by facilitating a significant reduction in their electricity bills.

Efforts by the government have resulted in consecutive petitions for reducing electricity bills over the past three months. The commitment highlights a proactive approach towards mitigating the impact of escalating energy costs on households, reflecting a concerted effort to prioritize consumer welfare.

Federal Minister’s Assurance of Benefits

Federal Minister for Energy, Awais Ahmad Khan Leghari, reaffirmed the government’s dedication to providing relief to the masses through reductions in fuel prices. The assurance comes as government’s resolve to translate economic policies into tangible benefits for citizens, particularly in the realm of essential utilities like electricity.

The consecutive reduction in electricity bills offers relief to households fighting with rising living costs. With electricity bills being a substantial component of monthly expenses, the proposed reduction of Rs4.12 per unit translates into meaningful savings for consumers, empowering them to allocate resources towards other essential needs or savings.

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