A student from the Engineering University in Mardan has created amazing software to detect the exact location of aerial firing; this innovative tool, crime prevention with gunfire detection, is set to change the approach to crime prevention by providing real-time alerts to law enforcement.

More About Crime Prevention with Gunfire Detection

Muhammad Ali, the talented student behind this advancement, designed the software to identify the source of gunfire with remarkable precision. Within less than five seconds, the system can pinpoint the origin of aerial firing, greatly enhancing police response time. By integrating with Google Maps, the software offers law enforcement a clear and immediate view of the exact location, making it easier to apprehend suspects and prevent further incidents.

The software operates by analyzing the acoustic signature of gunshots, distinguishing them from other loud noises. It then triangulates the sound using multiple sensors placed around the city, this method ensures high accuracy in identifying the precise location of gunfire, reducing the risk of false alarms and improving the efficiency of police operations.

Innovations in Student Technology

Ali’s achievement is part of a technological innovation trend at the Engineering University in Mardan. Another student, Adil Bacha, has developed an electric wheelchair controlled by brain signals, this brain-controlled wheelchair is designed for patients who are paralyzed but have functional brain activity; it enables users to manage their surroundings through thought alone, offering unprecedented mobility and independence to those who cannot move or speak.

Bacha’s invention uses electroencephalography (EEG) sensors to interpret brain signals and convert them into movement commands, this is particularly beneficial for individuals with severe mobility impairments, providing a new lease on life by enhancing their ability to move independently.

These new innovations highlight the potential of young Pakistani engineers to contribute significantly to technological progress and societal well-being. With technologies like gunfire detection software and the brain-controlled wheelchair, students from Mardan are making their mark on the world stage.

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