Badar Khushnood, the Chair of the E-Commerce Committee at P@SHA and a leading member of the National E-Commerce Council (NECC), who has also assisted as a consultant with Google, Facebook, and Twitter, and performed a crucial part in Pakistan’s inclusion in Amazon’s verified list of sellers. Being part of the E-commerce committee, he was tasked with carrying out negotiations with Amazon, stated his viewpoints in an interview concerning Pakistan’s recent addition to the Amazon list of official sellers globally.

“Overseas Pakistanis working at Amazon helped build the case within Amazon to allow Pakistani sellers to register on the platform. There is also a need to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of the Pakistan consulate in Los Angeles, the State Bank, and the ministry of commerce that did all the legwork beginning from the formulation of an e-commerce policy.”, the Chair of E-Commerce Committee at P@SHA and a leading member of National E-Commerce Council (NECC), Badar Khushnood said.

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Moreover, Mr. Khushnood further urged the Pakistani traders to do their homework before they start working on the platform and avoid shipping random objects or else failure in satisfying customer expectations can result in blacklisting of their account by the company, in which case, they would only be defaming Pakistan’s reputation internationally and creating problems for other sellers.

Furthermore, Badar Khushnood also clarified that the compulsory requirement of Paypal to conduct transactions on Amazon is a myth. Pakistani sellers would not be needing PayPal to receive payments, and that Amazon’s system supports direct payments into the seller’s regional bank accounts through the means of IBFT.

In addition to it, upon questioned regarding the future plans concerning Amazon, Khushnood replied that plans such as Amazon Web services and the Amazon marketplace, from where Pakistanis can order, are also underway. He further mentioned that there are two main seller registration types on Amazon – 3P and 1P. Sellers from Pakistan have been awarded the 3P status, which implies that they could undeviatingly sell their brand’s name. 

Source: TechJuice


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