The ChatGPT app works on both iPhones and iPads and can be downloaded from the App Store.

OpenAI’s flagship chatbot, ChatGPT, recently experienced a global outage, leaving users unable to access the platform. Reports flooded in from across the globe, indicating widespread disruptions to the service. As per the outage tracking website, the ChatGPT outage began around 1 pm and the complaints escalated between 7 pm – 10 pm.

ChatGPT Global Outage

Downdetector, a popular outage-tracking website, recorded a surge in reports from users encountering difficulties with ChatGPT. Approximately 91% of users faced issues accessing the platform, with 7% experiencing total unavailability and the remainder unable to log into their accounts.

The outage reminds us of the inherent risks associated with the dependence on digital services and the importance of robust infrastructure maintenance. As reliance on AI-driven technologies continue to grow, incidents like the ChatGPT global outage highlight the need for continuous monitoring, proactive maintenance, and transparent communication from service providers to mitigate disruptions and ensure a good user experience.

OpenAI’s Response

In response to the outage, OpenAI swiftly acknowledged the issue on its official status page. The company attributed the disruption to “increased latency and errors” affecting ChatGPT and its APIs. As users voiced their frustrations on social media platforms, OpenAI assured them that efforts were underway to resolve the issue promptly, following diligent troubleshooting, OpenAI successfully restored service to ChatGPT. The official status page confirmed that performance had returned to normal, alleviating concerns among users who rely on the chatbot for various tasks.

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