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Android 12 is trying to make sharing WiFi passwords as easy as it is for Apple devices.

With the upcoming launch of Android 12, new features of the latest upcoming version are being disclosed online one after another. As per the reports, Google is working on Android 12, on a feature that will allow users to easily share their Wi-Fi passwords remotely, and is expected that this feature will be included in the Android 12 release. The feature will be using Google’s Nearby Share feature to execute the task similar to the function provided by Apple’s AirDrop. This enables Android users to share videos, photos, and apps from Google Play; and it may also include sharing the location from Google Maps using a nearby smartphone.

The progress is obtained from a new commit submitted to Android Open Source Project (AOSP) by Google engineer Abel Tesfaye and spotted by XDA Developers. According to the released reports, the ‘Share Wi-Fi’ page has been adjusted to apply a Nearby Sharing option in the Android 12.

This latest feature will be specifically helpful for users to more control over their Wi-Fi, and won’t need to share their password with a lot of people. For instance, the user can easily give access to someone of their Wi-Fi by announcing the password through sending a QR code via Nearby Share.

This commit has not been merged yet, therefore; it is not certain that the notion of Android 12 will be consisting of this feature. However, there is still time for this feature to be included in the next release of the latest Android version. The first Android 12 Developer preview is expected to go live around next month, but if considering the merger then the feature might be pushed to a second or third developer preview.

Another feature of Android 12 appearing online “Hibernation”, this feature will help to minimize the app size, particularly the apps which are not in use.

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