The space administration agency mentioned that NASA’s Preservence Mars rover is using Amazon’s cloud computing platform (AWS) for exploring Mars. Amazon Web Service (AWS), enables all the science and engineering data that is currently being processed.

NASA says that the Mars rover uses a number of cameras to capture the images and is then sent to the team in high volume using the AWS platform. According to NASA’s jet Propulsion lab platform has played a vital role in saving data efficiently due to which decisions are being made on a faster basis regarding the health and safety of the rover. Also, it helps in taking future decisions effectively regarding the rover’s activities. AWS platform also powers the Mars mission website and is maintained to accelerate up to meet any given demands especially at peak times which are said to be millions of users.

According to Amazon: “The rover requires visibility to drive, so it is important for the team to be able to send the next batch of instructions back to the rover within a specific timeframe. The increased efficiency will allow Mars 2020 to accomplish its ambitious goal of collecting more samples and driving long distances during the prime mission, compared to previous rovers.”

It seems the favorable environment for Amazon, as Amazon is said to be the top-tier cloud computing platform in the world.

Teresa Clarson, Vice President of the Worldwide Public sector and industries at AWS, further added: “AWS is proud to support NASA JPL’s Perseverance mission. From the outset, AWS cloud services have enabled NASA JPL in its mission to capture and share mission-critical images, and help to answer key questions about the potential for life on Mars.”

Also, a 3D experience of the Mars rover’s location on the map will be experienced by the public.




Image Source: CTV News

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