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In the recent news, the National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) is now working to make the computerized national ID cards into digital wallets under the government’s Digital Pakistan vision and an update to an already existing app will likely be made available later this year.


Pak Identity Mobile App Will Offer Several Services Online


“Translating this vision into reality, we have launched the ‘Pak Identity’ mobile app as a key building block of digital ID to facilitate applicants of national ID cards through an online portal. The app helps capture biometric fingerprints, facial recognition, and scan documents needed for processing a person’s national ID cards using smartphones, without visiting a Nadra office or embassy,” Nadra chief Tariq Malik stated in an interview. 


Furthermore, Nadra chief stated, “In a short span, 75,000 overseas Pakistanis have processed their national ID cards [called Nicop] from the comfort of their homes by using the app, which is supported by two-factor authentication,” he explained. The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Mr. Malik stated that with the inauguration of this app, Pakistan has become the first country to enforce “contactless biometric” acquisition and verification using smartphone cameras. 


NADRA Will Use National ID Cards as Digital Wallets


“With successful testing on 75,000 overseas Pakistanis, Nadra will go for a digital wallets,” he said. Explaining the features of a digital wallet, the Nadra chairman said it would be a unique digital ID. He further continued that this innovation will revolutionize the national ID eco-system in Pakistan by securing public convenience, and is a leap forward placing an end to the conventional physical ID.


He also said that the digital dividends of such technology invention will generate positive outcomes in contactless banking, financial inclusion, ease of doing business, and e-governance endeavors by offering remote identification and e-KYC (electronic know your customer).


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Source: Dawn 


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