NADRA has introduced a new e-payment system that will turn more than 17,000 e-Sahulat outlets into full-fledged ATMs

National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has introduced a new e-payment system that will turn more than 17,000 e-Sahulat outlets into full-fledged ATMs. NADRA Chairman, Tariq Malik, said: “We are enhancing state capacity to deliver digital public goods and move towards electronic financial transactions for transparency and accountability. This would enable financial inclusion as well.”

NADRA, 1Link Partnered to Introduce New E-Payment System

NADRA and 1Link have partnered to introduce Pakistan’s largest and fully licensed payment gateway system in order to administer and evolve a strong robust e-Payment network in Pakistan. Under this partnership, the e-Sahulat outlets will be turned into ATMs having multiple digital payment features. The outlets can perform fund transfers, cash-in, and cash-out, public-to-government (P2G), government-to-public (G2P), and public-to-public payments (P2P) payments.

The agreement was signed by Tariq Malik and 1Link CEO Najeeb Agrawal. “It will also enable citizens to implement national digital payment and financial inclusion objectives in the future. Cash in/Cash out is an opportunity for more than 40+ bank account holders to transfer/withdraw cash pan Pakistan using secure biometric verification,” chairman NADRA said while giving details about the partnership. He further said that Nadra has been taking initiatives to improve e-governance by empowering both public and private sector organizations through its wide range of digital services and expertise.

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Digital Platform for Remote Areas

Tariq Malik has said that the E-Payment system will also be available in remote areas of Pakistan, hence, allowing students to continue their education by earning to pay their fees. The partnership will also allow NADRA’s 17,000 plus e-Sahulat outlets to double the capacity of more than 16,500 1Link ATMs across the country through which citizens will be able to deposit and withdraw cash easily and conveniently.


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