Multi-service platform, Careem has now announced its plans to acquire MUNCH:ON, a subscription-based food delivery platform that connects customers to meals at a discount by tapping into an underutilized kitchen capacity and utilizing scheduling, bundling, and routing software. The Careem’s Munch:On acquisition deal will drive massive efficiencies for restaurants and cloud kitchens and will build up scale in the corporate lunch segment. 


Careem’s Munch:On Acquisition Will Help to Build Up Food Offering Service on the App   


The subscription-based service will stop every day operations and the offering will be rebuilt on the Careem app. The Careem Food and MUNCH:ON teams will work jointly to provide even greater value by presenting low-cost meal segments that MUNCH:ON has pioneered in the area as well as new food discovery and delivery options for corporates. MUNCH:ON has delivered millions of meals to customers across 20 thousand companies. 


Mudassir Sheikha, CEO, and Co-founder of the multi-service platform, Careem commented on Careem’s Munch:On acquisition deal: “The MUNCH:ON team has built a competitive food offering driven by a clear vision to make food more accessible and affordable. The Food offer on the Careem app today serves millions of customers across the Middle East and is growing rapidly. By acquiring MUNCH:ON, Careem Food will be able to build an even more competitive offering with a much richer variety of benefits for both customers and restaurant partners.” 


Moreover, Mohammad Al Zaben, CEO and Co-founder of MUNCH:ON, commented: “At MUNCH:ON, we set out to build the most affordable food ordering experience in the world. We are thrilled to be a part of a broader mission at Careem to deliver undeniable value to customers, partners, and Captains.” 


Careem Food Serves Millions of Customers with Access to Over 18,000 Restaurants in UAE


In UAE, the Super App of the multi-service platform provides more than a dozen services comprising ride-hailing, food and grocery delivery, micro-mobility, payments, and partner services including car rental, home cleaning, and PCR testing. Careem Food serves millions of customers with access to over 18,000 restaurants in 8 core cities across the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Qatar. These activities will be further enhanced by the Careem’s Munch:On acquisition deal expanding the food offering service. 


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