Severe protest erupted at Saddar's mobile market over an alleged blasphemous Wi-Fi device name that was being used by Samsung's staff.

A violent protest erupted in one of the busiest mobile markets of Karachi located at Saddar’s Preedy area commonly known as, Saddar Mobile Market. An angry mob created a huge ruckus in the commercial hub of Karachi by destroying Samsung’s billboards and other properties over an alleged blasphemous Wi-Fi device name.

Samsung employee allegedly used blasphemous Wi-Fi device name

According to the spokesperson of South police, the Preedy SHO received information that a Wifi device had been installed at a mobile shop at Star City Mall that was allegedly using a blasphemous name that is hurting the religious sentiments of Muslims. The spokesperson told; “Police reached the scene, got the device shut, and took into custody 27 staff members of the private company.”

It was later reported that over the complaint of a shopkeeper, the police arrested the manager of the cellular company and registered a case against him under Sections 298-A (use of derogatory remarks, etc., in respect of holy personages) and 34 (common intention) of the Pakistan Penal Code and 25-D of the Telegraph Act. Moreover, the police also arrested 15 persons who burn tires and tried to vandalize billboards.

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Samsung’s response to the incident

Samsung Pakistan was quick to respond as the alleged blasphemy incident came to light. The company released a statement from their official Twitter handle, that reads; “Samsung Electronics has reiterated its firm stance that it endeavours to maintain objectivity on all matters of religious significance. With reference to the recent developments in Karachi, Samsung Electronics stands firm on its stance that the company has the utmost respect for all religious sentiments and beliefs and holds the religion of Islam in utmost respect.”


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