The Federal Information and Telecommunication Ministry on Monday announced the official commencement of the messaging application ‘Beep’. The app is made compulsory to be used by all state officials once it is launched, however, it is still in its testing phase.

Syed Aminul Haque, the Minister for IT & Telecom, posted a series of tweets in this regard, in which he stated that the app has been developed and will be launched after it passes the testing phase. In the first stage, the said app will only entail the features of texting and voice calling, said the minister, continuing that the video call feature will be added to the app a few months later its launch.

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The minister further informed that efforts have been made to develop a safe application so the data of the state officials could not be endangered, adding that it is “secured and seamless” for all the government officials.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of IT and Telecom on Friday also announced that they have finished 60 percent development work of Pakistan’s messaging application. According to the media reports, Beep will reportedly be used by the Prime Minister, cabinet members, and those serving in sensitive positions. The mobile application will appear as WhatsApp; however, its interface will be outlined preserving the view of the security and cyber-attacks.

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It is pertinent to state here that our neighboring country, India been monitoring a phone which was earlier in Prime Minister Imran Khan’s use by an Israeli firm’s spyware, as revealed by a global investigation, invoking concerns of widespread privacy and rights abuses. According to reports, India attempted to tap the Federal Cabinet members’ calls and messages using the spyware, prompting Pakistan to develop new software for its federal ministers.

Source: ARY News


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