LinkedIn, the Microsoft-owned employment-focused social network, laid off workers from its recruiting department. With the recent LinkedIn downsizing, Microsoft has become one of the latest tech giants after Amazon, Meta and Twitter to announce mass layoffs in recent months, as the companies went through an economic meltdown due to the ongoing recession and inflation.

LinkedIn Downsizing: People Came in Support of the Affected Staff

The news regarding LinkedIn downsizing came to light when the affected employees started posting on the social media platforms. A recurring engineer, Nicole Zawacki, who was totally in awe of her job, posted about the heartbreaking news saying that she is taking ‘a little time to process’ meanwhile she asked for the community to help her finding a job.

Another user came in support of the laid off staff listing all the companies that are hiring staff thinking that he might be of some help to the affected employees. There has been a trend for the past few months where the laid off staff always turn to LinkedIn to inform others about their company’s lay off initiative, but, it was only a matter of time when LinkedIn itself became affected. Another user Reid, recommended her friend for a job who was also one of the affected employee.

The Support Hub

For the past few months, LinkedIn is being the support hub for many laid off employees. For example, Rob Fishman, a former account executive at a tech startup, was laid off in January, posted his story on LinkedIn, his post ended up getting more than 40,000 views, nearly 500 likes, and, most surprisingly, a bunch of offers of support from people he’d never met. A web analytics firm SimilarWeb found that monthly traffic to LinkedIn grew more than 60 percent from January 2020 to January 2023, and from December 2022 to January it went up 17 percent; the comapny saw record user engagement last quarter, and a 10 percent increase in revenue year over year.

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