Meta said it will continue to release its artificial intelligence tools to approved researchers despite the online leak claims. “While the model is not accessible to all, and some have tried to circumvent the approval process, we believe the current release strategy allows us to balance responsibility and openness.” Reads an official statement from Meta.

Meta Follows Strict Vetting Process for Artificial Intelligence Tools

Since Meta is very particular about its Artificial intelligence unit, the company makes its tools available to researchers and other entities affiliated with the government, civil society, and academia under a non-commercial license after a vetting process; this is all because AI tools contain the power of spreading misinformation and false news.

Last month, Meta released the AI model, LLaMA, short for Large Language Model Meta AI which is a state-of-the-art foundational large language model designed to help researchers advance their work in this subfield of AI. Last week, users on the online forum 4Chan leaked the language model, where a member uploaded a torrent file for Facebook’s Artificial intelligence tool.

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