Dr. Aisha Ghaus Pasha, provided a respite to anxious investors and account holders by stating that the government has no plans to freeze foreign currency accounts.

Former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has recently hinted at the existence of a profound and elusive ‘global conspiracy’ as the underlying cause of his inability to bring the exchange rate of the US Dollar below 200 Pakistani Rupees. The shocking claim has sparked curiosity and raised questions about the complexities of managing a country’s economy in a global context.

Suspicions of a Global Conspiracy

In an astounding revelation, Ishaq Dar, who once held the crucial position of Finance Minister in Pakistan, insinuated that powerful global forces may have conspired against Pakistan’s economic stability. He suggested that these unseen actors might have deliberately orchestrated a situation that prevented him from fulfilling his pledge to control the exchange rate.

Furthermore, Dar alluded to the notion that these international powers might have harbored intentions to push Pakistan toward financial turmoil, akin to the situation faced by Sri Lanka. This assertion has ignited a debate on the role of geopolitics and global interests in shaping the economic destiny of nations.

Geopolitical Forces at Play

Ishaq Dar also raised pertinent questions about the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and its role in Pakistan’s economic landscape. He pointed out that the ninth review by the IMF, scheduled for November of the previous year, was inexplicably delayed until the interbank rate of the US Dollar had surged past 270 Pakistani Rupees.

The former Finance Minister argued that these delays were not merely procedural but were influenced by geopolitical considerations. He hinted that there was a ‘global wish’ to let Pakistan default on its financial obligations, which, if true, highlights the intricate interplay of international politics and economic affairs.

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