Instagram Monetization has quietly been activated for Pakistani users by the photo-sharing app.

Instagram Monetization has quietly been activated for Pakistani users by the photo-sharing app. Users from Pakistan can now earn money via brand endorsements, deals, ads, and more. The Instagram Monetization is updated via server-side update rather than a manual update from the app store.

How to Check your Eligibility for Instagram Monetization

Pakistani Instagram users have long-awaited monetization of their content now that it’s available they can check their Instagram Monetization status by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Go to the Instagram Account
  • Open Branded content from settings
  • Check your status (The below-mentioned picture displays the monetization status)

Instagram has sent out notifications to content creators detailing the rules that the content needs to comply with in order to become eligible for its monetization policies. According to a local blog; users cannot earn money through static videos that are an image with little to no motion. Slideshows of images are not allowed either and neither are looping videos, text montages, embedded ads, or static image polls asking people to react to questions posed by the content creator.

Best Ways to Make Money in Pakistan Using Instagram

Here are five easy ways to make money using Instagram:

1. Brand Affiliate: Most businesses want to build long-term relationships with influencers, so they look for brand ambassadors who can promote their business.

2. Sponsored Content: Brands cut deals with influencers asking them to evaluate their products and services while paying them in return.

3. Instagram Shop: Because users use Instagram to locate and buy things, users can create a shop to sell physical and digital goods and receive in-app payments.

4. Drive Traffic to your Platform: If users enjoy a huge following on Instagram then they can release their new products on Instagram and ask their followers to purchase them from the website.

5. Sell Services: You can offer marketing services or courses to earn extra bucks.

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