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Meta-owned Instagram, in its race to take over Tiktok is now launching two new features to Reels yesterday: text-to-speech and voice effects. These TikTok-like features are popular already on TikTok, but now, content creators can use them on Instagram too. This development signals yet another attempt from Instagram to keep up with TikTok when it comes to short-form video, as Instagram grants big reels rewards to incentivize creators, TikTok-like text-to-speech is a vital accessibility feature that assists blind and low-vision people to understand written text. 


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The Text-to-Speech and Voice Effects Became Inexplicably Popular on TikTok  

Moreover, videos with these robotic voices became so inexplicably successful on TikTok that the voice actor behind the feature sued the corporation since she hadn’t authorized it to use her recordings. After she registered her lawsuit, TikTok replaced the voice behind the text-to-speech and voice effects feature.

Creators often use text-to-speech and voice effects not so much for their accessibility advantages, but because it can be kind of amusing to have a monotone, automated voice reporting their content. The TikTok-like text-to-speech and voice effects can be found within the text tool in the Reels camera. Once you record or upload a video, navigate to preview to add text. 

Furthermore, once the user adds the text, a text bubble will appear at the bottom of the screen, which allows users time when they require that bit of text to appear. But now, you can tap a three-dot icon to open a menu for each text bubble, which will provide the users with the option to add a text to speech voiceover. There are two voice options to pick from.

These New Feature Will Allow Creators to Be More Creative on their Reels

In addition to this, the TikTok-like text-to-speech and voice effects enable users to get even more creative with their reels. These features let users modify the audio or the voiceover in their post. To see these effects, tap the music note once you’ve recorded your reel to open the audio mixer. Then, you’ll notice an effects menu that lets you modify the audio in your reel or voiceover. The latest TikTok-like features are launching now to Instagram mobile users.

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