Clip-Sharing feature

Amazon Prime Video App is now launching a new Twitch-Like feature, Clip-Sharing, that allows users to share video clips from TV shows and movies on the platform. The clips can be shared on social media or by direct message. The Clip-Sharing feature is presently only available on iOS and for users in the U.S. For the initial launch, users can only share clips from a limited number of shows, including season one of “The Boys,” “The Wilds,” “Invincible” and “Fairfax.”

Users Can Edit Short Videos of Shows Using the Clip-Sharing feature

Furthermore, when you’re viewing one of these four titles, you can click on the new “Share a clip” button of the Clip-Sharing feature to produce a 30-second clip. Once you click the button, the streaming platform will pause the program to open up a screen where users can clip and edit the video, using the Twitch-Like feature. Amazon Prime Video App will then create a clip of what the user has just watched, enabling him to move the clip forward or backward to exactly where he wants it. 

Amazon Prime Video App is Competing With its Rivals 

Amazon Prime Video App says it intends to allow users to share clips from more of its original movies and series in the future using the latest Clip-Sharing feature. The company’s decision to enable users to share its content indicates a shift from other streaming services, which currently don’t propose ways to share video clips from their shows and movies. Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu all go as far as limiting users from taking screenshots of content on their services and instead of blackout pictures when users try to do so.

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In addition to this, Amazon Prime Video App’s latest feature indicates that it’s thinking creatively about its content being shared and viewed on other platforms. It’s worth noting that Amazon may further be expected to attract more users to Amazon Prime Video App by encouraging its users to share clips of its original content with their friends and followers and probably get them interested enough to check it out themselves.

Source: Mashable 


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