Back in December, Instagram said that Instagram was planning to reintroduce a chronological feed, and it is working on it now.

As promised, Instagram has started testing three new feed settings; Home, Favourite and Following. Out of the three, two will have chronological feed options. The Instagram chief announced the test run on Twitter in a video message, explaining all three different variations of feed.

The comeback of the chronological feed 

During a Senate subcommittee meeting in December, Mosseri promised the comeback of the Much-Requested Chronological Feed. Instagram’s chief also explained the three different types of feed in a demo video. The “Home” feed will be the Instagram experience that’s available today, with Instagram suggesting content that it thinks that users will most want to see.

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The “Favorites” feed will include a user-designated list of accounts to ensure Instagram users aren’t missing content from their favourite people. Whereas, the “Following” feed will offer up a list of chronological posts from every account that an Instagram user is following. The feature is already in a test run for select accounts after the beta testing period, Instagram is planning to launch the chronological feed option in the first half of 2022.

The criticism of Instagram’s algorithm

Instagram has received a fair share of criticism in 2021, where celebs and users were seen complaining about Instagram’s algorithm that will only show posts according to their methods and calculations. A search for the hashtag #TurnMeOn reveals tens of thousands of posts imploring followers to enable notifications for that poster — meaning every time he or she posts, the user will be notified.

Source: Verge


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