In a perplexing Delhi murder mystery, the city’s police force successfully utilized artificial intelligence to crack an enigmatic case involving an unidentified deceased man discovered beneath the Geeta Colony flyover. The complex process involved constructing a digital image of the victim’s face through AI, proving necessary in unraveling the mystery.

Delhi Murder Mystery: AI’s Role in Identification

As the investigation commenced after the body’s discovery on January 10, the absence of identifying documents in the victim’s possession posed a substantial challenge, labeled a blind murder case, the police, armed with determination, turned to AI. Employing cutting-edge technology, a 30-member team digitally reconstructed the deceased’s face, breathing life into the investigation.

The AI-generated image was strategically disseminated through more than 400 posters across the national capital and shared extensively via digital platforms like WhatsApp groups and the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network (CCTN) website. The innovative approach led to a breakthrough when the deceased’s brother recognized the face, ultimately connecting with the police.

Personal Disputes

The collaborative effort facilitated by artificial intelligence revealed the victim to be Hitendra. Solving the layers of the mystery, it was revealed that Hitendra had been involved in disputes, notably a recent altercation over a woman. The subsequent arrest of three individuals, Paramveer Singh, Harneet Singh, and Priyanka, exposed the grim truth: Hitendra was strangled to death on January 9, stemming from personal issues. In a city teeming with complexities, this case is proof of AI’s transformative power in crime-solving, illuminating paths that once seemed shrouded in darkness.

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