PMDU), announced that the government of Pakistan has resolved 4.6 million complaints received from Pakistan Citizen Portal,

The Prime Minister’s Performance Delivery Unit (PMDU), announced that the government of Pakistan has resolved 4.6 million complaints received from Pakistan Citizen’s Portal to date. Since its inception in 2018, 3.8 million people register with the portal while the total number of complaints received through the portal has crossed the 4.7 million mark.

The incumbent government has successfully resolved 4.6 million complaints

According to the official data shared by the PMDU; “A total of 3.8M members get registered from across the globe. A total of 4.7M complaints have been lodged by the registered members out of which 4.6M are resolved. The overall positive feedback is 45.63% as of now.”

According to the breakdown, Punjab registered the highest number of complaints(1,470,910) followed by KP(3,99141), Sindh(288,454), Balochistan(36,532), Azad Jammu and Kashmir(20,031), and Gilgit Baltistan(4,667). The total number of inland registered members stand at 3,577,065, the overseas members stand at 281,998, and 15,661 foreigners have also registered on the portal.

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How to register with the Pakistan Citizen’s Portal

Pakistan Citizen’s Portal is a government-owned mobile app that helps the government connect with the public. The portal allows Pakistani nationals and overseas Pakistanis to connect with different government organizations to raise awareness on different issues. Here’s how you can create an account on the portal:

  • Download the Pakistan Citizen’s Portal app from Play Store or App Store
  • Tap on ‘Register’ to create a free account
  • Select from Inland citizen, Overseas Pakistani, or a Foreigner
  • Fill in the required information and select your username and password
  • Provide your CNIC number, Province, District, Tehsil, and address
  • Tap ‘Register’ and your account will be created.


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