Google has added a collection of new features to Google Workspace to help enhance workflows and interaction between remote workers.

The tech giant has recently launched Google Workspace as a replacement for the G Suite, to construct a way to organize functions for Gmail, Chat, Drive, and Docs for people at work, particularly as they operate from their respective homes.

Moreover, the company has been constantly upgrading the features to provide a better experience for its users. 

For frontline workers, Google is developing something it describes Google Workspace Frontline, with more advanced features for this group of users, and it is further building it more comfortable for users to build custom AppSheet apps from Google Sheets and Drive, “so that frontline workers can digitize and streamline their work, whether it’s collecting data in the field, reporting safety risks, or managing customer requests.”

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The company has also mentioned in a blog post that the latest features are developed to enhance the “collaboration equity”, where remote workers will not be at a disadvantage while working with office-based employees.

“We’ve been experimenting with ways to bridge the gap between the in-person and the ‘somewhere else’ by pushing our technology and the physical spaces of our campuses to be more inclusive,” Javier Soltero, GM of Google Workspace, explained.

“We’re looking for ways to maximize participation everywhere we can – from personal desk space to conference rooms to group collaboration areas.”

Moreover, large firms such as Sony Pictures Imageworks and Airbus have already signed up to use Workspace, as per the company.

In addition to it, the firm is further introducing “second-screen experiences” for Google Meet. It basically enables users to log in to a meeting from various devices, forming it to be more manageable to share screens (or get other work done) without the meeting occupying the major portion of the screen of a user. The main purpose of this move is that people working remotely could use a Google Nest Hub Max to ease their work operations. 


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