Fuchsia Operating System

Tech giant, Google is now looking to expand the Fuchsia operating system from its present home on the Nest Hub to additional smart devices and other form factors, as per the number of job listings. Fuchsia is Google’s latest OS which was issued earlier this year for the firm’s first-generation Nest Hub.

Fuchsia Operating System Does Not Employ a Linux Kernel

There’s been a lot of speculation concerning Google’s plans for the Fuchsia operating system for additional smart devices, which unlike Android and Chrome OS doesn’t employ a Linux kernel, and whose design is still somewhat uncertain despite having been public for more than five years. When Fuchsia OS arrived on the Nest Hub it was more or less functionally similar to the software that preceded it. The latest job listings offer some hints about what’s next for Fuchsia.

Google Has Formed Fuchsia Devices Team 

Furthermore, it appears that Google now has a named “Fuchsia Devices team” working on the operating system, which gives some sign of the importance of the software internally. A job listing notes that this team “is responsible for making sure we can successfully apply the Fuchsia platform to real-world products that make a difference to Google and our users.”

In addition to this, the listing further notes that Google is working to bring Fuchsia Operating System to “additional smart devices and other form factors,” which proves that the OS is under development for devices beyond smart displays. 

Another indication is that the Fuchsia OS could either run or interact with non-Google partner hardware in a third job listing for someone who will “guarantee that Fuchsia is delivering maximum value to partners and Fuchsia-based products and additional smart devices.” Google has a long history of operating with partners to bring Google software to non-Google hardware, and has previously partnered with organizations like JBL and Lenovo on their smart displays.

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Source: The Verge


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