Google Meet Echo-Cancellation Feature will warn users creating echoes

The new Google Meet Echo-Cancellation feature will inform the user if they are causing an echo during a meeting. The real advantage here is that Meet is identifying who the problem is and alerting them, which could lead to less disruption and smoother video meetings. It was previously hard to identify if anyone is creating an echo unless the meeting is interrupted to inform them.

Echo during video calls is generally brought about by the user’s device speakers projecting loud noises enough for the microphone to get it. The system picks up the audio and re-broadcast it, making it difficult to comprehend. While it’s not hard to fix sound echoes, it tends to be precarious to pinpoint their source. Meet already controls sound to eliminate echo, but it can’t work for remote speakers and mic setups that generate the sound which is being fed back into the call.

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How to fix the Echo during a Google Meet video call

Google’s blog announcing the Google Meet Echo-Cancellation feature reads; “Now, we will notify you when we detect a notable echo from your system which may be heard by other call participants with a red dot on the more options button, along with a text notification. Click that text notification, and you’ll be taken to Google Meet’s help center, where you’ll find tips on how to eliminate and prevent those annoying echoes.”

Google will offer recommendations like using headphones, lowering your speaker volume, and muting when you’re not the one speaking.

Availability of the Google Meet Echo-Cancellation feature

This feature will begin rolling out to Workspace and G Suite users as of August 23rd and may take up to 15 days to reach everyone. Free accounts will have to wait a little longer. This feature will be ON by default. Visit the Help Center to learn more about how to troubleshoot Meet network, audio, and video issues.


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