investigations have been launched against the eight banks involved in manipulating the exchange rate volatility.

Google Currency Converter experienced a technical glitch yesterday where it was showing the incorrect value of the Pakistani rupee against the dollar. According to the open market of Pakistan, the exchange rate of the dollar to rupee is Rs. 196 while the Google currency converter glitch showed the rupee at 183.

Google currency converter glitch had netizens in fits

From Karachi’s blackout to Nida Yasir’s morning shows Pakistanis are known to come up with the most hilarious content on Twitter. So, when the Google currency converter glitch displayed the wrong conversion rates Twitterati was quick to jump on the bandwagon to unleash their creativity. Here are some of the best Twitter responses:

However, Google was quick to notice the technical glitch and fixed the dollar to rupee conversion rates in accordance with the open market of Pakistan. As a journalist later acknowledged; “The earlier reduction was a glitch.”

Not the first time

The Google currency converter has not malfunctioned the first time it was in 2019 when the currency rates were incorrectly displayed due to a technical glitch. The currency converter tool showed conversion rates to be much lower than they actually were. The converter had various currencies, including the US dollar, euro, the United Arab Emirates (UAE/Emirati) dirham, and the Saudi riyal giving the values of Rs76.25, Rs87.01, Rs20.76, and Rs20.33, respectively relative to the Pakistani rupee.

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