Ghazi Taimoor has won the internet and Tweeps are going crazy

An exhilarating tale of how one man went to great lengths to Find “Rahul” In London – to return his wallet – has been doing rounds on Twitter. The story has duly captured the interest of thousands of Tweeple. A Lahori guy, Ghazi Taimoor, who lives in London, randomly stumbled upon a brown wallet on the streets of Shoreditch, what he did later was awe-inspiring.

It all started when Ghazi Taimoor tweeted about finding a wallet on a street in London. He added that the bank cards indicated the wallet belonged to someone named Rahul and from there begins his search for Rahul.

He began by searching Rahul’s name on Google and different social media platforms. He eventually found a lead on LinkedIn – A “Rahul” who worked in London, and he immediately sent a connection request to him.

His attempts to return the wallet were all in vain as he was unable to track the company’s address, neither on Google maps nor on the company’s official website.

Ghazi still didn’t lose hope, he looked up the Companies House – the UK’s registrar of companies –  to his surprise he found the address there, through the company’s annual accounts filing.

Mr. Taimoor started for their head office in Shoreditch. “He better not have canceled his bank cards else this was for nothing. Rahul, I’m coming!” he wrote on Twitter.

Without any more delays, Ghazi went running to the company’s head office depicting ‘Anjali’s-style’ – a snippet from a famous Bollywood movie, Kuch Kuch Hota Hay.

Using another Bollywood reference, Ghazi said, “Thought as I’m walking towards Rahul: Does he know the universe has conspired us to meet? Will he accept this gesture of friendship?

Enthusiastic Ghazi left Twitterati on a cliffhanger when he went to take a coffee break before pursuing his mission further.

After all, the efforts of the Lahori man paid off. He managed to track down Rahul – and shared a picture for everyone who was now following his journey on Twitter, “Guys! We found Rahul. Finance Manager. He’s in shock. Tears in his eyes. We got you Rahul!,” he tweeted.

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Taimoor’s thread garnered a lot of support and unlimited RTs and likes from people around the world, especially the subcontinent. As per a user’s comment; “He has done a lot more for Aman ki ASHA than anyone in the last few years.”

Ghazi’s story is covered by eminent media outlets in India and Pakistan and he also received appreciation from journalists and actors of both countries. The Harvard graduate expressed jubilation in his recent Insta stories, he seems ecstatic and in a state of disbelief about his overnight fame.

He wrote on Twitter; “For Indian friends who will see this, just want to let you know that there’s only love that we Pakistanis have for you, as I know you do for us. Sending you all kindness, love, and Pyaar, from our side of the border to your side of the border.”


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