OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has called upon the tech industry to exhibit more empathy towards Muslim, Arab, and particularly Palestinian tech workers who, amid the ongoing conflict in Gaza, fear speaking out about their experiences. In a post on X, Altman emphasized the discomfort and potential repercussions faced by Muslim tech workers, urging the industry to unite in support during these challenging times.

Altman Advocates Empathy for Muslim Tech Workers Amidst Ongoing Conflict

Altman expressed concern for Muslim, Arab, and Palestinian tech professionals who often hesitate to share their recent experiences due to apprehension about retaliation and potential damage to their career prospects. The CEO emphasized the need for the tech community to stand united in support, describing the current situation as an “atrocious time” that warrants collective empathy.

Altman said, “I am jewish. i believe that antisemitism is a significant and growing problem in the world, and i see a lot of people in our industry sticking up for me, which i deeply appreciate.” He added; “I see much less of that for muslims.”

Hope for Peace Amidst Divisions

While expressing a continued hope for a lasting peace, Altman acknowledged the immediate need to treat each other with empathy. The tech industry, as a powerful force, should prioritize understanding and support for colleagues affected by the ongoing conflict, fostering an environment where individuals feel safe to share their experiences without fear of repercussions.

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