The predicament of monetizing content on Facebook will soon be resolved in Pakistan, as stated by our Prime Minister’s focal person on digital media, Dr. Arsalan Khalid on Tuesday.


Presently, Pakistan has 40 million Facebook subscribers, as per the figures provided by Statista. According to it, Pakistan ranks 11th in the world in terms of Facebook users. Where India has secured the first position on the list, followed by the US, Indonesia, and Brazil. Currently, there are 38 nations in the world where Facebook monetization is activated, but Pakistan is not one of them.


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In the same regard, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly recently ratified a resolution. The assembly demanded from the federal government to talk to Facebook management concerning the monetization of content so that the young generation in the country could earn through the means of the social media platform. 


The resolution was presented by the former Advisor on IT to CM Zia Ullah Bangash. “Approximately 5 million Facebook users in Pakistan especially the youth can benefit from the positive use of Facebook and earn money,” the former advisor tweeted on the occasion.


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“The federal government has been in negotiations with Facebook over monetization for over a year now,” said Dr. Khalid. “Things are close to coming to a solution.” However, according to the Dr., the social media giant has some reservations about the social media laws in Pakistan.


The government controls that like all other countries, social media must have some rules and ordinances particularly in matters such as blasphemy, child pornography, cyber harassment, and deliberate attempt to induce chaos jeopardizing the lives of people. “Hopefully discussions with the company will bring results soon,” Dr. Khalid said.


Source: TechJuice

Image Source: Pcmag


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