Meta has started informing Facebook users that it will remove several information fields from their profiles. A Meta spokesperson said in a statement, “As part of our efforts to make Facebook easier to navigate and use, we’re removing a handful of profile fields. We’re sending notifications to people who have these fields filled out, letting them know these fields will be removed. This change doesn’t affect anyone’s ability to share this information about themselves elsewhere on Facebook.”

Categories of Information Fields Being Removed from Facebook

As per details, four categories will be removed from the information fields, including; interested In, religious views, political views, and address. Social media consultant Matt Navarra first spotted the change, “Facebook is removing religious views and ‘interested in’ info from profiles from 1 December 2022,” he tweeted along with screenshots.

Facebook is removing the outdated features from its platform that other social media platforms don’t offer anymore. In the past, users wished to fill in long information details to build a profile but not anymore as users’ privacy and protection laws came to light. Since online bullying and harassment have matured to current levels, nobody wants to get involved in that complexity anymore.

Meta Employees Fired for Taking over Facebook User Accounts

Meta has fired two dozen employees who allegedly compromised and took control of Facebook user accounts. It was revealed that workers accepted thousands of dollars in bribes from hackers to compromise or access user accounts. Meta communications director Andy Stone said, “People should never buy or sell accounts or pay for an account recovery service because doing so violates our terms. We also regularly update our security measures to address this kind of activity and will keep taking appropriate action against those involved in these kinds of schemes.”

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