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Meta-owned, Facebook is now officially renaming its central feature ‘News Feed’ to just ‘Feed’. The announcement was made in a tweet on the official company’s Twitter handle. This change comes just months after Mark Zuckerberg declared he was renaming the company to Meta, which is yet another sign Facebook is trying to shift the perception of its core products. This decision could be read as an attempt to separate Facebook from its stature as a hub of misinformation — they’ve quite literally taken the news out of the news feed. But in other domains of the app, Facebook is doubling down on its desire to function as a news source.

Facebook Renames its Central Feature ‘News Feed’ to Just ‘Feed’ 

Furthermore, the renaming of the central feature, News Feed, could distinguish those posts — which comprise updates from friends, groups, pages, events, and more — from the actual Facebook News section. “Facebook News is a dedicated tab on Facebook in the bookmarks section that will spotlight news stories from a diverse range of reliable and relevant news sources,” the company wrote in a blog post about its central feature, News Feed. “As part of our ongoing commitment to journalism and content creation at Meta, this new tab will give people a dedicated space to seek out stories that matter the most to them, whilst ensuring original reporting is given a wider reach to audiences across the country.”

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Feed is a Better Reflection of the Broad Variety of Content People See

Moreover, a team of liberated journalists will help curate France’s Facebook News to secure “a fair overview of news published.” Plus, Facebook has become a publisher in its own right through Bulletin, its curated slate of newsletters. “We’ve had this change planned for some time. We think Feed is a better reflection of the broad variety of content people see as they scroll. This not related to the News Tab announcement in France” informed a Facebook spokesperson about Facebook’s central feature, News Feed.

Source: TechCrunch


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