Facebook's New Shopping Features include; shops in Groups, product recommendations and Live Shopping test for creators.

Facebook announced that it is rolling out new shopping features to capitalize on niche targeting and community engagement. Facebook’s new shopping features include; shops in Groups, product recommendations and a test of Live Shopping for Creators.

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Facebook’s new shopping features is yet another element to its expanding eCommerce push

Amid the pandemic-induced surge in online shopping, eCommerce has seen a significant shift, which has opened up new opportunities for social platforms to capitalize on these endeavours. Facebook’s new shopping features enables admins of Facebook groups to set up an online store on their associated Facebook Page. Facebook wrote in a blog post; “We’re introducing Shops in Groups so you can support the communities you care about by buying products from them. For example, members of OctoNation, an octopus fan group, can now buy stickers, mugs and apparel to show their love of octopuses.”

Product recommendations in groups will show products that members recommend when you ask for guidance within a group and make it easy to purchase those products from shops on Facebook. The final feature of Facebook’s new shopping features is, Live Shopping for creators, which will allow creators to partner with brands and highlight their favourite products, which implies that influencer and brands can cross-stream their collaborated product on both of their pages instead of directing fans to another page to buy the product. Facebook said that that it brings together a community of fans, creators and brands.

Live-stream shopping events

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and almost every other social platform is running various live shopping broadcasts and tests designed to encourage purchase behaviour and drive more traffic on their eCommerce listings. Popular content creators collaborating with brands on a social media platform is a perfect combination and a modern-day tool of engagement that maximises revenue, engagement, and sales.

Source: Tech Crunch


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